SHINee World is Where I Breathe Again.

Onew: Addictive voice, super charming boyish smile, traits of an innocent pure and kind-hearted guy, sense of responsibility and seems dependable

Jonghyun: Good looks, proud of his achievements, passionate about performing, playful, good choice of food

Key: Really special voice, special personality, i like ketchup too, super shining charisma when looking into the camera, straightforward, truthful about own feelings and fashionable

Minho: Competitive sportsmanship, super shining handsome smile, makes my heart beat faster, nice low voice, cute rapping voice, healthy and tall, like a prince indeed

Taemin: Awww, so young, passionate about dancing, singing and performing, sweeeeet smile, love for adrenalin extreme sports, misplace things like me, seems good-hearted, obedient and so likable!